Prof Stephen Dinham


Professor Stephen Dinham OAM PhD is Associate Dean Strategic Partnerships and Professor of Instructional Leadership in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne.

He has conducted a wide range of research projects (more than 75 funded in excess of $10,000,000) in the areas of educational leadership and change, effective pedagogy/quality teaching, student achievement, postgraduate supervision, professional teaching standards, teachers' professional development, middle-level leaders in schools, and teacher satisfaction, motivation and health. He has an extensive publication record (more than 340 publications) of books, book chapters, refereed journal articles, and articles in professional journals. He is a frequent presenter at international, national and state conferences (over 520 presentations) and has conducted consultancies with a wide range of educational bodies nationally and internationally.

Keynote: Effective Teaching and Engaging the Learner

This keynote address will examine the research evidence on teaching for learning (Dinham, 2016) and highlight those strategies and approaches that have most impact on student learning and development. In particular, the important fundamentals of knowing students as learners and as people, professional learning, and leadership will be highlighted. The importance of engendering a growth mindset in students will be considered.

Masterclass: The Nature and Importance of Instructional Leadership

Drawing upon the introductory keynote address and Dinham (2016), in this masterclass participants will examine and discuss what it means to be an authoritative instructional leader and the roles such leaders can play in school improvement and educational change. Participants will be required to reflect on their personal and professional capabilities.