Dr Pasi Sahlberg


PasiSahlberg is a Finnish educator, author, and scholar. He has worked as schoolteacher, teacher educator, researcher, and policy-maker in Finland and has studied education systems and reforms around the world. He has served World Bank in Washington, DC; European Commission in Torino, Italy: and OECD as an external expert in various countries. His core expertise is in teacher education, international education policies, classroom pedagogies, and educational leadership. He has published widely about educational change and improvement, his book “Finnish Lessons 2.0: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland” won the 2013 Grawemeyer Award. He is also received Education Award in Finland in 2012, The Robert Owen Award in Scotland in 2014, The Lego Prize in 2016, and Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Residency in 2017. He is a former director general of CIMO at the Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture in Helsinki and a visiting Professor of Practice at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. He is currently an international speaker, writer and advisor to the Governments of Scotland, Sweden, Malta, and Finland and a visiting professor at the Arizona State University in the United States. His latest book is “Hard Questions on Global Educational Change” (Teachers College Press, 2017) and forthcoming book is “FinnisEd Leadership: Three ideas that improve your school” (Corwin, 2017). Twitter: @pasi_sahlberg.

Keynote 1: Reimagining Education: What have we learned from successful education systems?

International large-scale student assessments have revealed useful insights about good policies and productive practices for education leaders and school principals. This presentation provides an outlook of global education and suggests ways how school principals together with their colleagues and other middle-level leaders can improve leadership based on the usable knowledge from international evidence. This presentation offers recommendations for system-wide policies and school level work by challenging some of the contemporary policy advice that aims at enhancing productivity and efficiency rather than quality and personal meaningfulness of school education.

Masterclass: FinnishEd Leadership: Three ideas to improve your school

School leaders and policy-makers are increasingly looking at inspiration and also concrete ideas for their work from other education systems. Singapore and Finland are two such systems where thousands of school leaders have travelled in search of new ideas. This workshop session takes participants to Finland by briefly describing the Finnish education system from school leaders’ perspective. The main part of this workshop is active work on three concrete ideas that are inspired by Finnish education and arguably beneficial to Australian schools. After presentation of these ideas participants will work on one of them to craft usable new ideas for their own school.