Newsletter Number 9A, Wednesday, 24th June, 2015

Newsletter Issue 9A

Dear Principals,

At the time of sending the last Newsletter Number 9 on Monday morning, 22nd June, I did not have a digital copy of the CECNSW Paper which was presented to the Executive and Diocesan Chairs at the Meeting on the 11th June. It arrived yesterday, and, as always, it is well worth the reading.  One topic of particular concern for Principals is the first item, NSW Government Governance Developments and Not for Profit Guidelines.  The Report is provided here(click here)

In addition, a few Principals contacted me about the Principal Well-Being Survey, 2011-2014.  The whole Report is included here (click here) and because of its length, you may prefer to focus on the Executive Summary, which is much briefer, but captures the main ideas. (click here) .

In addition, Ian Baker forwarded a newspaper Article from Victoria which qualifies as a cautionary tale. (click here)                                                      


Stephen Aitken
ACSP Executive Officer