Newsletter Number 6, April 1st, 2015

Newsletter Number 6, 1st April, 2015


Dear Principal,

All of us at ACSP wish all our Principals a well earned rest at the end of Term 1.  We pray that the message of Easter reaches deep within our hearts, and like our model, Jesus,we can all rise again and continue the work of evangelisation of our students in our new Term .

Conference News

We remind you again that the date of the ACSP Conference is drawing near.  There are limited spaces remaining, with up to 450 Catholic School Principals expected to take part in what is shaping up to be one of the most dynamic and thought provoking Conferences held in Australia, led by three International Speakers of outstanding quality.  Please refer to the attached brochure to find details of how to register (click here)

Quest Apartments Accommodation Now Available.

We needed to book the Quest apartments earlier this year, to ensure that Speakers, CEO Directors, Bishops and other such guests were accommodated.  Most of the One Bedroom Apartments have been taken, with about 3 or 4 remaining.  We are waiting on a few more guests to confirm their needs.  There are some excellent rooms that have now been freed up  and I have enclosed details of size and costs for these rooms (click here)  The Quest Apartments do not have breakfast facilities, apart from a "breakfast pack" but there are restaurants nearby.  The option of several Principals booking a double or triple room will provide a quality venue and a sharing of the price.  First come, first served!  I have enclosed, once again, a map of Dubbo, to help you see where venues are (click here).

The Annual AGM

The Annual AGM will take place at the May Conference on Thursday, 21st May, from 2.45 to 3.15.  More will be published on this before the event.  The ACSP Executive will have four vacancies after the May Conference, as follows:

  • One Country Primary Member from a Diocese with less than forty Schools
  • One Country Primary Member from a Diocese with more than forty Schools
  • One Metropolitan Secondary Member
  • One Metropolitan Primary Member
  • It would be helpful for those interested in nominating to give it thought and perhaps the appropriate Principals' Associations could discuss this eventuality.  There will be more information later.

 World Youth Day 2016 Launch-Krakow, Poland

There are details of a function to Launch the 2016 World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland in 2016, at a function at St Mary's Cathedral College Hall on Tuesday, 21st April from 7.30 p.m.  It will also provide an opportunity to welcome the new Archbishop of Sydney at an event for young adults.  Details are provided in the attachment (click here).

APPA News and Update for term One, 2015

This Update is full of important information for Primary Schools and ACSP has been asked by APPA to circulate it before the end of Term (click here)

This Week in Catholic Education

The Weekly Bulletin from NCEC for Catholic Schools is enclosed, from the 26th March (click here)  This journal contains a lot of relevant information.

CEC Reply to the Ross Gittin's Article on Public Funding of Capital Works

On the Wednesday before last Saturday's election, Ross Gittins wrote a very challenging piece in the SMH, concerning Government Funding of Capital Development for Catholic Schools in NSW (click here).  Brian Croke of CECNSW sent a reply to the Herald, but it wasn't printed.  This reply is enclosed (click here)

Pope Francis and the Synod on the Family.

NCR has published an interesting article from Pope Francis, entitled, "Don't Gossip About the Synod! Pray for It"  It is well worth reading (click here)

ClassMovies Launches in Queensland

At our last Executive Meeting on the 26th March, Philip Lewis of ClassMovies gave the Executive and the Diocesan Chairs a most interesting description of this valuable tool, now taken up by the NSW and Queensland Education Departments.  The article here (click here) gives useful contact points.

Membership Subscriptions

We are grateful now that almost two thirds of the Diocesan Principals' Associations are prepared their Subscriptions in bulk.  Posting 585 individual Invoices is no fun!  The ACSP Accountant and I will be sending out a mixture of Diocesan Invoices and individual Invoices after School returns.  Please don't send any subscriptions until Invoices arrive.



Stephen Aitken
ACSP Executive Officer

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