Newsletter Number 4: ACSP Conference Information, 26th February, 2015

Dear Principal,


Several Schools have contacted me requesting information about Methods of Payment for the Conference, and whether EFT can be used.  Both EFT and Credit Card Payments are possible and are found on the Payment Screen, after you have filled out your Registration Details.

For EFT Payments:

(Please ensure you include your Surname and reference number as your payment Reference)

Name:  ConferenceNational  (This is the organisation managing registrations for ACSP)

BSB:  032 695      Account Number:   449221.

Payment Terms:   EFT Payments Due within 7 days of Invoice being issued.

ABN:   12 127 983 902.

I think most people are choosing the Credit Card Option, but the choice is yours.  Another question I have been asked is how do you know that your registration has been accepted.  At the end of the process, there is a Statement confirming that Registration is complete.  You would be wise to copy that.  As well, a confirmation email will be sent.  If you have any concerns or questions around Registration, ring 1300 792 030.  If you have any Conference related Questions, contact Lisa Gregorio on or phone 02 4221 1300.

Another matter of some significance is that there have been 101 registrations already, 6 days since the Registrations went live.  Please remember that there will only be 400 Delegate places for the Conference, owing to the limitations of size in the Dubbo Convention Centre.




Stephen Aitken
ACSP Executive Officer