Newsletter Number 3, 20th February, 2015

                    Dear Principal,

 I am delighted to inform you that the Delegate Registration for the ACSP May Conference  in Dubbo, from the 20th May to 22nd May, has gone live.  If you open the ACSP Website to the Home page, there is a red button for you to open the Registration Form.  You will need a Credit Card available to complete registration.  I have already registered and the process is simple.  You will need to download the Sessions, as you are required to select your Breakout Sessions on Wednesday and Thursday.

One word of warning.  This is an outstanding Conference and there has been a large amount of interest  shown.  The Convention Centre is limited to 400 Delegates and with almost 600 Catholic Principals in the State, it will be possible that some will be disappointed.  I recommend that you register as soon as you can.

We have had to limit the Dinner to 340 Delegates, as we have to accommodate about 50 Sponsors, Presenters and Guests.  At this stage, the Dinner on the Thursday Night will be for delegates only.  If demand is less, we may be able to open it up to partners or friends later.  We will keep you informed.

Finally, you will need to arrange your own accommodation (click here) and transport.  I also include a Map of Dubbo (click here)   to help you in knowing where the accommodation is in relation to the Convention Centre.

The Final Version of the Session Overview is on the Registration Form which you can download.  I will put it up on the Conference page soon,   


Stephen Aitken
ACSP Executive Officer