Newsletter Number 15, 16th November 2015

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Newsletter Number 15 - 16th November, 2015

 Dear Principals,

You would have read that there was a fair amount of debate at the Close of the Synod on the Family in late October, with Conservative elements marshalling themselves against the more moderate Church leaders, led by Fransis himself .  Nevertheless, the Pope remains firmly in charge and is pursuing the agenda he first described in his Encyclical Evangelii Nuntiandi.  Some of the articles, most in support of Pope Francis approach, are listed below and are well worth your reading"
  •  Pope Francis Forging a Legacy Robert Mickens NCR 31-8-15 (click here)
  •  Francis Closes the Synod Warning against Spirituality that Ignores Peoples' Struggles  Joshua McElwee   NCR 25-10-15     (click here)
  • The Pope has Smoked out His Opposition Robert Mickens NCR November, 2015 (click here)
  • An Attempt to Answer the Question Where are the Young Adults?  Fr Peter Daly NCR 12-1-2015     (click here)                                                                                 

 Executive Meeting 12-11-15
The ACSP Executive Meeting took place last Thursday, the 12th November.  A highlight of the meeting was the visit of the Minister for Education, Mr Adrian Piccoli, who spent an hour with us speaking of educational trends and responding to our questions.  It was a very useful exercise.
At the meeting, I announced my intention to retire from my role as Executive Officer from Christmas.  I took up the role in May 2015 and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this wonderful Executive, so ably led by the President, Maria Pearson.  However, I have been diagnosed last December with Advanced Prostate Cancer, which has metastised to my bones.  This Cancer is terminal.  Chemotherapy can be used to slow the process, but not a cure.  I have decided that it is time to spend with my family, whilst I am still relatively healthy.  I retired as a Principal, after 32 years in four schools in 2010, but have stayed relatively busy since.  It is now time for family, which has seen little of me during the years of Principalship and since.  Thank you all for the privilege of working with so many dedicated and inspirational leaders of our Catholic Schools.
Maria Pearson's Presidential Report for this Meeting is enclosed  (click here)

We wish to extend our sympathies to the Community of St Lawrence's Primary School, Coonabarabran, whose principal Terry McGoldrick, passed away without warning recently.  Terry had represented Bathurst Diocese on the ACSP Executive Meeting in June, and he will be sadly missed.  We promise our prayers.

CEC Report

Ian Baker delivered the NSWCEC Report to the ACSP Executive at our Meeting on Thursday last.  There are several matters of interest and |I have included this Report here:  (click here)

CaSPA Report
the CaSPA Report from the Association President Phil Williams is enclosed here:(click here)

School Principals and Conflict of Interest
The Age Newspaper printed a most significant article, which contains some serious warnings about the legal position of Principals being found guilty of Conflict of Interest.  The article is well worth reading.  (click here)

This Week in Catholic Education 12-11-14
NCEC has sent its weekly coverage of news in the field of education. (click here)

I wish you have a most successful couple of weeks in this busy time, when new enrolments are being welcomed and new Staff are being hired, in addition to your normal tasks.  Christmas holidays beckon!



    Stephen Aitken
    ACSP Executive Officer


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