Newsletter Number 14, 20th October 2015

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Newsletter Number 14- 20th October, 2015


Dear Principals,
I apologise for the delay in getting out this most recent Newsletter.  Unfortunately, I had a bad reaction to my latest Chemotherapy Session, and spent three weeks in Hospital, as a result.  My Oncologist and I have decided that we will have no more Chemo Sessions, so things should be more normal now, in terms of deadlines.

Australian Bishops Present their Social Justice Statement for 2015-2016,  Entitled "For Those Who Have Come Across the Seas"

  Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen, a Vietnamese Boat person himself,  wrote in the introduction that "this |Statement was developed as a response to the long standing divisions in Australian Society over Asylum Seekers, particularly those who have arrived by sea.  We Australians have rightly felt appalled at the dangers that Refugees experience on their journeys, but we seem to have come to believe that harshness and rejection will be enough to deter desperate people from their flight tosafety."     The Social Justice Statement is enclosed(click here) can be found on the web at www. 2015-SJS-Statement. It is well worth the reading  It will also be found on the Documents file on the Website.

Two St Clare's Students from Taree Write on the Issue in the Aurora Diocesan Paper from Maitland Newcastle Diocese     

St Clare's Taree students, Adam Mayers and Sarah Locker, offer an analysis of the Bishops' 2015 Social Justice Statement, "For Those Who Have Come Across the Seas: Justice for Refugees and Asylum Seekers."  (click here)   

The Synod on the Family October 4th-25th.

Pope Francis has reconvened the Second Session on the Synod of the Family, gathering 300 Bishops and cardinals in Rome.  There are clear tensions between those who say that the Church is compromising its doctrines and moral positions and the many who believe that unless the Church changes, it will become less and less relevant.  Theseare difficult issues and have been elaborated in some interesting articles in NCR and the Local Press lately.  Some of these articles, worth reading, include the following:

Francis Opens Synod, calling for a Church that is a Bridge, not a Roadblock (click here)

George Pell and Cardinals Warn Pope of Catholic Church Collapse (click here)
Australian Archbishop: Synod should Propose "less Negative" reading of Reality. (click here)                       
Rebel Cardinals Accuse Pope of Stacking the Synod (click here)

It is clear from these articles that a great debate about the future of our Church, led by Pope Francis and some more progressive Bishops and Cardinals, has as always, people of varying views.  This has always been so, as St Paul commented, 2000 years ago:

"I hear that when you come together as a Church, there are divisions among you, and to a degree, I believe it:  there have to be factions amongst you in order that those who are approved  amongst you may become known."

What has changed in 2000 years?

BOSTES 2015 NSW Teachers professional Development Survey

Details of this Survey, which BOSTES has invited NSW Teachers to be involved in, are given below:  (click here)

CSSA Study Day Information

There is a CSSA Study Day, addressing the issues around STEM education, at the Masonic Centre on the 9th November.  Ian Baker has sent an Agenda for the day, for your information (click here)

NCEC This Week in Education

NCEC has sent ACSP This Week in Education from the 8-10-15.  Details are attached. (click here)

Visit of Minister of Education

Adrian Piccoli, the Minister for Education for NSW, has indicated that he would like to come to our Executive Meeting on Thursday, 12th November.  If there are any issues you would like addressed when he is with us, please get in touch with me with the details. 

We would like to thank David Adams-Jones, one of our Executive, who teaches Adrian's Children in our Primary School in Griffith, for generating this interest for our group.  It is a great opportunity to pass on messages from the Catholic School System.  He will be with us from 10.30- 11.15 a.m., followed by Morning Tea,

Best wishes for the week ahead and in your planning and staffing for 2016.  The Holidays beckon.  There is light at the end of the tunnel, and the last I heard, it was not an approaching express train!




Stephen Aitken
ACSP Executive Officer


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