Newsletter Number 13, 7th September, 2015

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Newsletter Number 13:  7th September, 2015


Synod of the Bishops on the Family, October 2015

Pope Francis has announced an Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for October 2015, on topics related to family and evangelisation.  (click here)
The Vatican prepared what is called a Lineamenta for Discussion by Bishop's conferences around the world, involving 46 questions.  For those who are interested at this level, I enclose it here  (click here)

A lot has been written about Pope Francis' attempts at Reform.  The Synod last year seemed to focus on Divorce and Remarriage, but there are many seeking a whole range of reforms.
I have gathered a range of articles, mainly from the American Magazine NCR, expressing a wide set of views, some radical, and some more conservative.  Read them reflectively, and you may get some sense of the challenges facing our leaders, our priests and the faithful.  Prayers for outcomes that will help our Church grow in its understanding of the Family, and the ways to Evangelise in this context, are very needed.  You may agree with one article and totally disagree with another.  I did seek a range.

1. Pope Francis:  Forging a Legacy  Robert Mickens NCR 31-8-15  (click here)
2.Groups Seek to Broaden Input on Issues for Family Synod.  Tom Roberts NCR 27-8-15  (click here)
3.Cardinal Burke: New Evangelisation Fails Unless Teachings on Marriage are Upheld. Catholic News Service Simon Caldwell 9-3-2015  (click here).

ACSRF Special Investment Update Seminar with Dr Shane Oliver 22-9-2015

With the combination of low interest rates and recent market turmoil highlighting the need cfor a diversified approach to managing your investments, Australian Catholic Superannuation and Retirement Fund, one of our ACSP Sponsors, is pleased to announce a special Investment Update Seminar with guest Speaker Dr Shane Oliver from AMP.

Do yourself a favour and start to think about your own future, as well as those for whom you work.  I found such Seminars very helpful in my final years as a Principal and was given excellent advice.  Details are included here  (click here)

In addition, they have included some useful information about Financial Planning provided by ACSRF (

CECNSW, AIS and the Education Department send the Information Sharing Document Between Principals and Schools Again.

I have previously sent out this document and saved it in the Reports Section of the Website.  I am not sure why it was sent again, by Ian Baker, recently, but I thought it wise to send it.  Trish Maidens and myself met with Minister Piccoli, representing ACSP and Catholic Principals, Government School Principals and Independent (AIS) Principals.  The Minister made it very clear that he wanted these protocols to be followed rigorously. You can find it in the Reports Section of the website.


An Interesting Article from Taiwan on Radical School Reform

Creative Demand Taiwan Says Radical School Reform Will Set it Apart  (click here)

Catholic Education Welcomes New Out of School Hours Care  Program

The Catholic Education Commission NSW (CECNSW) has welcomed the NSW Government's $20 million program to help establish new Out of School Hours Care (OOSH) facilities in the State's Schools
(click here)

Interactive Leadership Profiles from AITSL 

We at AITSL are delighted to announce the release of the new Online Form of the Leadership Profiles, the Interactive Leadership Profiles.  The Profiles build on the Australian professional Standards for Teachers and are a set of statements, validated by the profession, that describe the leadership actions of Principals as they progress to higher levels of proficiency.  The statements are arranged for Principals to view through three leadership lenses: the Professional Practice Lens (linked to the Standard's five Professional Practices; The Leadership Requirements Lens (Linked to the Standard's three Leadership Requirements); and a third lens, the Leadership Emphasis Lens (with a focus on broader leadership contexts that Principals work within).

AITSL has requested ACSP to help promote the Profiles across the Catholic Principals in NSW.  Details are provided below . I am having difficulty downloading this.  I suggest you go to their website :

Best Wishes to our HSC Students as they Face the HSC in Term 4.

The Principals of ACSP wish all of our HSC students in the State every best wish for success in the coming HSC exams.  These conclude thirteen years of education for these young adults and we realise the stress they go for as they prepare.  The best part of Senior education is not necessarily the results, though they are important, but the process of learning, self discipline and work ethic that will stand our students in good stead in their future lives.  They are not their ATAR.  This mark rapidly loses significance with the passage of time, and they need to be reminded of this. We hope that all can achieve their "Personal Best", commensurate with their efforts, and find happiness and fulfilment in their future careers.

We also wish their teachers a well earned Holiday break!


Stephen Aitken
ACSP Executive Officer


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