Newsletter Number 12, 19th August, 2015

Newsletter Number 12 - 19th August, 2015


Dear Principals,

I apologise for this Newsletter being about a week late, but I have been ill until yesterday.  Also, it will mean that it will be a little longer than usual.

Conference News

We have finally been able to gather all of the material from the May Conference, and it has been uploaded to the Conference button on the website, under three Headings:

Conference Pre Readings-background articles from the various Speakers.
Conference Papers-  The actual presentations from the Speakers at the Conference, except from Yong Zhao, who gave PowerPoint images instead.
Video Presentations-Five of the Lectures were videos, including Yong Zhao's first.

We were anxious that the excellent materials presented here weren't to be just one offs, but rather Stimulus items for further discussion and reflection on Staff Development Days and Staff Meetings.  We hope that these materials prove to be useful to you.

The Publications Button

Another feature of considerable use on the Website, is the Publications Button, which has three subsections, Reports, Newsletters and Links to other Government and Catholic Agencies.  When I find a good article, such as Hattie's "What Doesn't work in Education:  The Politics of Distraction"  or a Repoet such as the Principal's Well-Being Report, I post them on the Report section and leave them there for some time so that you can more easily access them.
In addition, all the Newsletters for the year are saved here, enabling you to find an earlier article, or catch up on a missed Newsletter.  The Links are also very useful.

Good News on Sponsorship

We are delighted to announce that a South Australian Company TriSkills Australia, specialising in Gymnastics, Sports and Dance, has expanded into NSW and requested sponsorship rights with ACSP, giving us our sixth Sponsor, joining with MSP Photography, Camp Australia, Woods Furniture, Paynter and Dixon, and the Australian Catholic Super Fund.

The initiative we introduced a year ago to include the Chairpersons of the various Diocesan Principals' Associations from every Diocese over the State, has worked remarkably well.  It has enabled the two way flow of information to all of our Principals and has very much energised ACSP.  Bringing up to 20 delegates from all over the State to Sydney, four times a year, is an expensive proposition, and these Sponsorships have made it possible to do so, as well as improve services like the website, the role of the Executive Officer and increase contacts with Government and Catholic Agencies, which are increasingly turning to ACSP to hear the Catholic School voice.

I enclose the website Description of TriSkills Australia, and urge you to give them consideration if their provision of specialised services meets your needs.  We would also appreciate your getting quotes, seeking information from all six Sponsors when seeking solutions to specific School needs.  Sponsorship needs to be a two way street. For information on TriSkills, (click here).

Catholic Schools Integral to the Mission of the Church
Bulletin, "This Week in Catholic Education" 13/8/15, had an excellent opening article from Archbishop J. MIchael Miller, the former Secretary of the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education, which I thought helpful to enclose separately here, in case you missed it.   He has called Catholic Schools "one of the primary engines bringing about the desired evangelisation-the missionary option-that Pope Francis has talked about"  He goes on to describe important challenges and and a four part test of what constitutes a good Catholic School, but this article is useful in the increasing debates that are about on the roles of School and Parish. Unfortunately, I could not separate it from a following article on Primary Curriculum.  I enclose the article here (click here).

As well, I followed up and found a longer Paper which the Archbishop delivered in 2005, prior to Pope Francis.  It is longer but has some very rich ideas which could help in a Staff Spirituality/Development Day  (click here)

ACCPPA Briefing from ACARA and NAPLAN

Recently, ACPPA had a Stakeholder Briefing from ACARA and NAPLAN, which included some useful POwerPoints (click here)and a Summary Sheet (click here)

APPA Forum
Mark Mowbray has sent us information on the APPA Forum at the Grand Chancellor Hobart, 15th September, 2015.  (click here)

He has also requested support from a Colleague from New Zealand who is visiting Australia and is keen to visit Schools here, and would reciprocate in NZ later.  (click here)

A third request concerns the need for a Consultant for Parentshop needed.  (click here)

CaSPA Newsletter 8th August, 2015 And Agenda for CSSA Forum

Phil Lewis has sent the following Newsletter to ACSP for distribution to our Secondary Schools.  (click here)

Ian Baker of CECNSW and CSSA has also sent a Second Agenda for the CSSA Forum  in November.  (click here)

NCEC This Week in Catholic Education

The NCEC has sent two editions of This Week in Catholic Education, with many useful articles you can open.  The first I will list is the most recent on the 13-8-15, which includes that excellent article from Archbishop Miller, (click here) and an earlier edition from the 6-8-15 (click here)

Best wishes for the weeks ahead and happy reading!



Stephen Aitken
ACSP Executive Officer


Our Sponsors

We'd like to acknowledge our partners who help subsidise the cost of a lot of what we do.

Woods Furniture After School Care by Camp Australia MSP Photography Paynter Dixon Education Australian Catholic Superannuation Retirement Fund Australian Catholic Superannuation Retirement Fund

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