Newsletter number 11, 28th July, 2015

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Newsletter Number 11 - 28th July 2015


Dear Principals,
You will be pleased to know that all of the Conference Speakers have sent in their Papers from the May Conference.  Because of formatting difficulties, that are almost solved, we have not yet placed the papers up on the website.  I am currently editing the Papers, as prepared by the Web Master, in order to have them ready to load up on the Conference button.  In the meantime, I enclose the following papers which you can download or copy.  I imagine that the editing of the Conference button should be complete by the end of the week.  As well, Waples, the Conference organisers,  indicated that the editing of the Videos for each of the presentations was to be completed Friday.  We will also place them on the website as soon as they arrive to me.
The Papers I have received are given below:
1.  Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen:  Leading for Mission  (click here)
2. Dean Fink:  Sustainable Leadership (
click here)
3. Dean Fink:  Trust and Verify: The Real Keys to School Improvement
(click here)
4. Valerie Hannon:  What is Learning For?  (
click here)
5. Valerie Hannon:  Realising a Culture of Encounter in Education  (
click here)
6. Sister Mary-Ann Casanova: Cavemen, Copernicus, Christ and Me  (
click here)
7. Yong Zhao:  Set of PowerPoint Slides  (
click here)
Yong Zhao did not send us either of his presentations, but simply a link to his Presentation PowerPoint slides, giving us the link to them.  Perhaps the Videos of his two presentations will help here

John Hattie's Paper
At the risk of mentioning the John Hattie Paper too many times, I cannot stress too much its value.  I also thought it good to place some fine Research from an Australian source at the same time as highlighting the work of others from our International Speakers.  John Hattie's Paper, the first of 2 Papers, was written in June 2015 and entitled "What Doesn't Work in Education:  The Politics of Distraction".  In it, he makes the case "that the minimum goal of education, when rightly expressed, should be for all students to make at least one Year's progress for one year's input, no matter where they start."  He also makes the case that unless a particular intervention has an effect size statistically of 0.4 or greater, it would be unwise to base decision making on it. Happy reading (click here)

BOSTES Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies Policy
BOSTES sent ACSP a proposed revision to the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies Supporting the Maintenance of Accreditation Policy.  They are seeking responses from all stakeholders and would welcome any comments or feedback by Tuesday, 18th August, 2015.
They have asked us to circulate three drafts to all Catholic Principals in the State.

  • The Draft Policy Information Sheet  (click here)
  • The BOSTES Draft Policy Document itself:  (click here)
  • The NSW Institute of Teachers Existing Document for Comparison Purposes: (click here)

 I accept that to properly study these rather substantial documents will be time consuming but if the Catholic sector doesn't speak up, then we will have little right to complain later.  These documents have also been placed on the Publications Button, Under Reports, on the Website, though I did not include the Comparison Document from the Institute of Teachers, as that will become redundant.

This Week in Catholic Education 16th July, 2015.
This contains many items of interest for Catholic School Leaders from NCEC.  The first item comments on the recent expansion for the provision of Secondary Education in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese, with two new 7-12 Schools on the Drawing Board and two 7-10 Schools becoming 7-12.  (click here)

A Message from CaSPA
The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) has requested CaSPA and ACSP  to inform catholic leaders that AITSL is currently recruiting for a Senior Project Officer within their School Leadership Team and we were asked to pass on this information through our Catholic School Networks.  Details are as follows:  (click here

We have also received a CaSPA Newsletter from the President Phil Lewis  (click here)

Catholic Secondary Schools Association State Wide Forum Monday, 9th November
Planning is now underway to hold a Forum on Monday 9th November focusing on "Consolidating the Australian Curriculum and Addressing the STEM Challenge." Emeritus Professor Steven Schwarts, from ACARA  will be present, as will BOSTES and a representative from the Office of the Chief Scientist.  Up to 200 Secondary delegates are expected to attend at the usual venue, the Masonic Centre, 66 Goulburn Street Sydney.  Set the date aside.  Details are as follows:  (click here)

APPA e-Journal, Connected Leader July 2015
APPA has asked us to inform Primary Principals that the July Connected Leader e-Journal is available for all schools (click here)

Two Earlier Media Releases from Adrian Piccoli and Senator Penny Wright
These two brief Media releases came out earlier in June when I was ill and I include them now for your reading.  Apologies for the delay.

Piccoli Urges Principals to Deliver Reforms Improve Results:  (click here)
Senator Penny Wright, Greens Spokesperson re School Funding Proposals  (click here)


Stephen Aitken
ACSP Executive Officer


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