2016 Newsletter Number 5 12th April 2016

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Newsletter Number 5- 12th April 2016


Dear Principal

Congratulations to Stephen Aitken who has who has been awarded an honorary degree as Doctor of the University at ACU for his significant contribution to Catholic Education in Australia. The degree will be conferred on Stephen on 6th November 2016 graduation ceremony. He has also been asked to give the occasional address to the new graduands at the ceremony. What a great honour Stephen !!

Joan Chittister published a personal letter to Pope Francis on the Benetvision Web site.

In it she writes, in part, "I implore you to do for the women of the world and the church what Jesus did for Mary who bore him, for the women of Jerusalem who made his ministry possible, for Mary of Bethany and Martha to whom he taught theology, for the Samaritan Woman who was the first to recognize Jesus as the Messiah, for Mary of Magdala who is called the Apostle to the Apostles, and for the deaconesses and leaders of the house churches of the early church." READ MORE

We know what works to improve schools. Now, let's focus on using the most effective practices.

The general outline of "what works" to improve schools for all kids isn't a mystery. Research and experience have identified five practices that typically yield improvement: READ MORE

 Spirals of Enquiry requires participating teams to source and use evidence to help them develop teaching and whole school strategies, in this case for narrowing the gap. The ‘Spiral’ begins with four questions teachers ask their pupils about their learning. What the teachers hear then leads them into further questions about their own practice, driving a process of enquiry, professional learning, intervention, action learning and evaluation. Narrowing the gap is one of the most pressing issues facing schools today. Originating out of British Columbia (BC) in Canada, was identified by Whole Education as having potential to address this seemingly intractable problem READ MORE

Collaboration Forum.  “Why Schools Need to be Collaborative Places” opening address Adrian Piccoli READ MORE

Five from Five  Research report on scientific evidence for effective teaching of reading READ MORE

Tough Conversations: A one day Professional development course for Principals and deputies on holding students, parents and staff accountable for bad behavior and breached expectations. READ MORE


Julie King
ACSP Executive Officer


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