2016 Newsletter Number 3 8th March 2016

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Newsletter Number 3 - 7th March 2016


Dear Principal

Our National Primary Principal's Association recently attended a weekend retreat on the Year of Mercy. Our facilitator provided us a staff reflection resource based on the Year of Mercy to be shared with all Principal's. READ MORE

The National Catholic Education Commission executive director Ross Fox says Catholic schools are committed to creating safe environments that are free from bullying for all students, but a review of the Safe Schools Coalition is appropriate.Two respected academics were last week chosen to lead the Government-initiated review of the program, which was intended to address bullying of same-sex attracted, bisexual, transgender and intersex students, teachers and staff. READ MORE

APPA Next Generation Primary Principal – Phase One
A two-day residential course, Inspiring Leaders is Phase One of the Next Generation Principal Program and will provide applicants the opportunity to meet, listen to and interact with inspiring leaders while at our national institutions; receive feedback on leadership reflections; participate in school leadership scenarios and learning modules; develop collaboration groups; develop a personal learning plan based on the Principal Standard that will include an action research project in a school; and, identify goals for a personal Shadowing program. READ MORE; EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM; RESIDENTIAL

The CECNSW Memo 28/16 which was dispatched to Diocesan Directors and principals of Congregational schools. This memo for all schools provides the support documentation for the NSW school education strategy to deal with violent extremist behaviour in all schools. It is a fully cross-sectoral approach and covers primary and secondary schools. READ MORE

Generation Next is working towards tackling the myriad of social, cultural and emotional challenges affecting young people in today’s increasingly complex world. Our goal is to increase public awareness and understanding about the key issues that children and young people face, and to promote and inspire tangible change, through the provision of authoritative, up to date, and practically-relevant information, strategies and advice READ MORE

Once again submissions are open for the 2017 Zayed Future Energy Prize after Cashmere High School was awarded the 2016 prize in January: READ MORE

The ACEL ‘New Voice’ Initiative represents a commitment of $300,000 over ten years by ACEL.     READ MORE




Julie King
ACSP Executive Officer


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