2016 Newsletter Number 20 October

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Newsletter Number 20 - October 2016


Dear Principal
Keeping you up to date with Stephen's progress. He has had his surgery and He is currently in Gosford Cancer where they have operated on a cancer  on his spine. He is likely to be going to Berkley Vale for Physio once he has recovered from the operation. Please keep Stephen and his family in your prayers at this very trying time for them.


Pope Francis leaves on Monday for an overnight trip to Sweden, a historically Protestant country that today is one of the most secular in the world. The visit is to mark the start of observances of next year's 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which traditionally dates from Oct. 31, 1517, when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of a German cathedral. Read More 


Fr. Ernest Simoni, a 88-year-old Albanian, was watching Pope Francis on television this month when, to his astonishment, he heard the pontiff mention his name. Francis announced that the simple, white-haired Roman Catholic priest, who had spent many years in jail during Albania's communist dictatorship, was to become a cardinal. It was the first that Simoni, or any of the other 16 new cardinals named by Francis at the same time, had heard of their elevation to the prestigious rank. Read More

 The 2017 30th ACHPER International Conference program has been released!

The Conference program has something for everyone with a diverse offering of academic presentations, practical sessions, symposiums and workshops. ACHPER aims to support the professional engagement of educators in primary, secondary and tertiary, with sessions in Health and Physical Education (HPE), various approaches in sport pedagogy and by presenting sessions to strengthen the development of health and well-being in all.    

Led by six world renowned speakers, national and international presenters will deliver this exciting program through a thematic approach based on the five propositions of the Australian Curriculum for HPE.
ACHPER is delighted to present this program that includes over 220 sessions. Read More



We are a team dedicated to educating and helping you minimise the many risks Catholic organisations face every day. We help you prevent disruptions to your valuable services, understand your legal obligations, put in place systems for dealing with incidents should they occur, and most importantly, help you protect the health and safety of all those associated with the work you do.

Our range of services has been designed specifically for Catholic organisations and includes risk assessment and profiling, workshops, online learning and risk reviews. Additionally, we have developed an extensive range of resources that explore risks that may affect Catholic organisations and how to better protect against them. Read More


Certified Bahasa is a strategically designed Indonesian curriculum that can be taught directly by classroom teachers. Teaching basic Indonesian is perfectly accessible for classroom teachers because it is phonetic, uses the Roman alphabet and has simple grammatical structures with no gender or tense. Read More



"The Deep Learning Competencies, better known as the 6 C's, are the skill sets each and every student needs to achieve and excel in, in order to flourish in today's complex world. These competencies form the foundation for the New Measures and NPDL teachers use the Deep Learning Progressions to assess students' current levels in each of the six Deep Learning Competencies. They combine this with the information about student achievement, interests, and aspirations to get a clear understanding of what each student needs to learn" (npdl.global).

With the framework relying heavily on the 6 Cs let us take a closer look at each of these competencies Read More


What is the purpose of the survey?

The survey is designed to get feedback from Australian Principals about key government education initiatives, and particularly how they are implemented and the resulting impact on schools. The Australian Government Department Of Education and Training has commissioned the survey so that it can canvass the widest possible range of views. In the past, the department has conducted stakeholder roundtables and had meetings with small groups of principals to understand their views. Using the survey to augment these approaches means that the department gets to hear the opinions of a much larger group of principals.


What will the information be used for?

The Department of Education and Training will include the information it receives in improving its implementation approach and as an input to its thinking on policy more generally. The information will not be shared with other parties, including other governments or their agencies.



The information principals provide will be treated as private and confidential. No individual will be able to be identified from the research results, and results for any groups consisting of fewer than 10 schools will not be reported on separately. Principals' answers will only be used for the purposes of the research. The Department of Education and Training will not be privy to the registration details of anyone completing the survey. These details will be used by ORIMA Research for the purpose of administering the survey and will not be provided to the Department.

Complete Survey


If anyone would like to raise particular questions or issues, they are very welcome to contact the Department of Education at




I am writing to you to make you aware that Adobe has signed and enterprise software agreement through CEnet to offer every CEnet (member diocese's) school the full CCE suite to help lower the cost of this software to the schools and offer world class PD and pedagogy to improve student learning outcomes aligned to the national curriculum. We have an import milestone coming up where we need to register all schools that would like to optin to this agreement by the end on November 2016 (Jan 2017 deployment). Schools will need to place their orders with their diocese and the diocese will consolidate and order the combined number to CEnet (Frank Brooks) Read More





Julie King
ACSP Executive Officer


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