2016 Newsletter Number 2 12-02-2016

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Newsletter Number 2 - 12th February 2016

Dear Principals
Just to keep you up to date Stephen has received some good news from his doctors and they do not need to see him again for another three months. Great News. Please keep Stephen and his family in your prayers.

Pope Francis in an audience with the priests who will be serving as "Missionaries of Mercy" during the Holy Year, the pontiff also succinctly laid out anew his vision of re-evangelization in the 21st century. CLICK HERE

 Women and Leadership Australia are offering 150 scholarships of $3500 tailored to meet the needs of senior leaders in our sector CLICK HERE

 David Adams Jones from St Patricks in the Wagga Diocese shared two clips you may be interested in regarding the NSW Government’s commitment to One School Does not fit all. Minister Piccoli is addressing his parent community on the governments vision and commitment to Catholic Schools. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q58bsar2qo9mpoh/ABC_offairLearning_mp4_cba.mp4?oref=e&n=462274088 ;       https://www.youtube.com/embed/W_g6aKFkZDI

 NCEC News  

The School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships in NSW 2016 Guidelines have been released.

 A summary of the changes from the 2015 version include:

·        strengthened advice regarding the nominal term to complete a training arrangement

·        specified cut-off date for commencement of Year 11 students

·        clarification of hours that equate to a working day

strengthened information regarding completion of a training contract.  CLICK HERE

The NCEC has welcomed the report, One School Does Not Fit All as helpful in informing discussion on school funding policy and should help remove some of the ideological biases that have clouded school funding debate. NCEC executive director Ross Fox said the report’s exposition of the similarity of student populations in the three school sectors underlines the importance of genuinely needs-based and sector-blind funding for students in all sectors. CLICK HERE


 In 2015, the NSW Government created the $20 million Before and After School Care Fund to help delivery up to 45,000 additional OSHC places.


In 2016, under phase 2 of this initiative, schools without an OSHC service and schools with an existing OSHC service that have a need and capacity to expand their service are eligible to apply for a one-off grant of up to $30,000. The grants can be used for site modification and fit-out costs, project management (including tendering or regulatory costs) or to pay for necessary equipment to support new or expanded services. The Government’s announcement of the extension of the fund is provided as an attachment.


Catholic primary schools that do not presently have an OSHC service are encouraged to consult with their community - for example their P&F Association - to determine whether such a service is required and if it should be established. Schools that have an existing service with a demonstrated need to increase the number of approved places are encouraged to investigate the feasibility of expanding the service.


The CECNSW website contains links to: CLICK HERE

         the online application

         answers to frequently asked questions, and

         the NSW Out of Schools Hours Care (OSHC) Regulations.

Julie King
Executive Officer ACSP

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