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Newsletter Number 18 September 30th

Dear Principal

In Georgia, Francis makes veiled criticism of Russian aggression

Pope Francis made a veiled criticism of continued Russian aggression towards its neighbouring countries on the first stop on a two-day visit to this Caucasus country, calling for more respect for the "sovereign rights" of nations under international law. Speaking in a welcoming ceremony Friday after Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili sharply criticized Russia's actions following a 2008 war between the countries, which left two regions of Georgia occupied by Russian-backed separatists, the pontiff also called for freedom of movement between the occupied areas and the rest of the country. Read More

Doctrinal congregation convokes meeting on role of women in the church

Leaders of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith spent three days in late September listening to women theologians, canon lawyers, Scripture scholars and specialists in other academic fields talk about roles women have played in the Catholic church and roles they could play in the future. After the symposium Sept. 26-28 was over, the congregation issued a brief statement outlining the topics discussed and listing the women who made formal presentations. The congregation said the papers will be published at a later date.
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New ABS data reveals further increases in suicide rates among younger Australians

Attached is a summary of youth specific figures released today (28 September, 2016) by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) regarding deaths by intentional self-harm (suicide) in 2015. These statistics alarmingly show that approximately 8 children and young people suicide every week in Australia and this has increased by 32% since 2006.

The impact on schools and school systems has reached a critical point. On average, headspace School Support responds to 5 suicide notifications every week from Australian schools. Each of these deaths has a potential ripple effect to a further 3-5 schools per death and sometimes more.
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NCEC Media Releases

The National Catholic Education Commission media release, explains that the recent discussions about how Australian schools are funded have done nothing to help schools and school systems better understand and prepare for new school funding arrangements for 2018 and beyond. NCEC executive director Ross Fox said the possibility of schools being surprised by funding cuts is "far from fair and does nothing for funding certainty".

Mr Fox said families, schools and systems want clarity about how they will support the education of students in 2018 and beyond. He said the important discussions of how needs-based, sector-blind funding can be delivered should proceed quickly and soon. Read More

NCEC executive director Ross Fox has said while tomorrow marks the beginning of a discussion about school funding for 2018 and beyond, the meeting must move the discussion forward and not undermine the progress that has been made in recent years. Mr Fox said Catholic education is deeply committed to needs-based and sector-blind school funding, adding that parents and schools need certainty about how funding will be distributed beyond 2017. Read More

 NCEC Newsletter Articles

Connected Leader September Issue

Each monthly issue of Connected Leader will provide you with a carefully researched set of links that take you to cutting-edge, skill-building videos, blogs, audio files, news reports, research papers and job opportunities.

As we proceed through the year, each copy of Connected Leader will be archived on the web page you will access today. Over time, this page will build to become a valuable store of professional resources for you to browse through at your leisure, and to selectively share with your staff as professional development activities. September Issue


APPA News from the President

Dear Colleagues

I hope the term has been successful and full of achievements. I encourage you to have some time away from your emails, school business and education thinking: be distracted by nature, music, food or a good book/movie. We need to allow our brain to relax and have a rest from the constant "ON". Use absent messages to let people know you still care, but at this point you are on leave or not in the office. The Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey (hope you completed it) reminds us that looking after yourself is the first step in being ready to lead others. I will spend time lost in the vegie garden and enjoying time with family and friends. I might even try a new recipe – oh no! A learning challenge without paperwork or data! Also, watching the mighty Swans!

This term has been focused on the follow-up to the election result and responding to the Government's policy position, NAPLAN Online trial and the Productivity Commission's inquiry into the National Education Evidence base. Read More


 Strengths vs weaknesses in leading others

"What our training in strengths has provided for our staff and students is a common language by which we can engage in those critical conversations, both respectfully and constructively, whether it be our leaders openly discussing how we effectively work together in our staff teams" 
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Copyright News From Coag

Performance and communication of works and audio visual material in class –What am I allowed to do?

Schools are allowed to perform and communicate copyright material in class under a free exception in the Copyright Act (section 28). If your use meets the conditions set out below, you can perform and communicate copyright material to your class for free and without the copyright owner's permission.
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2 PhD Scholarship Opportunities – School Principals' Health and Wellbeing: Making A Positive Difference?

This research, including the two PhD scholarships, is funded through an Australian Research Council Linkage grant. The scholarship recipients will work collaboratively with the research team as an integral part of the entire project and lead specific projects under the umbrella of the larger study. Benefits include: a generous PhD scholarship; a world-class training environment and facilities; working within a vibrant PhD program, an internationally recognised research program (see section on IPPE Research Environment), and associated networks of leading international universities; experienced supervisors who are leading international researchers; training workshop and conference attendance; and first and co-authorships on academic articles associated with the grant. Read More  Website











Julie King
ACSP Executive Officer


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