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Newsletter Number 14 - 17th August 2016

Dear Principal 


"The Lord bows down to the lowly in order to raise them up as is proclaimed in the Magnificat," Mary's hymn of praise to God, the pope said Aug. 15.

"Mary's canticle leads us to think of many painful situations today and particularly those of women overpowered by the burdens of life and the drama of violence, women who are slaves of the abuse of the powerful, girls forced into inhuman work, women forced to surrender body and spirit to the greed of men," Pope Francis told thousands of people gathered to pray the Angelus with him.

The pope prayed that exploited women soon would be able to live "a life of peace, justice and love in expectation of the day they finally will feel held by hands that do not humiliate them, but tenderly lift them and lead them on the path to life." READ MORE 


Imagine, right now at this very moment you and your loved ones need to run for your lives!

With hardly more than the clothes on your backs, you and your family must flee from an invading armed force.

Or imagine your quick exodus is due to the fact that gang members have threatened to kill your family because your teenage son or grandson has refused to join their murderous drug gang.

Or imagine that because of your religion, race, nationality, political belief or membership in a particular social group you and your family are being persecuted.

So, you decide that despite the very dangerous risks involved, the only reasonable hope you and your family have is to move as quickly as possible towards somewhere, anywhere, where life is safer than where you're at now. READ MORE



Principals can communicate their needs effectively by completing this influential survey, which is supported by the IEU, AEU, Teachers Health Fund and other significant organisations. Last year about 40% of Australian principals participated in the survey, providing strong evidence to support further funding, PD and support for principals. 

Fill out the 2016 survey: http://www.principalhealth.org/surveys/92538 After you click on the link you will need to fill out your personal details so that a personalised survey can be sent to you. You do not have to complete the survey in one sitting each time you press next your survey will be saved and you can return to it at any time. I urge all principals to complete this very significant piece of research into our profession


Australian Catholic University senior research fellow Kevin Donnelly said there needs to be a focus on the fundamentals of education, suggesting that's how strong-performing countries address their schools. "Stronger-performing education systems have rigorous, evidence-based curriculums focusing on essential learning," Dr Donnelly wrote in The Herald Sun."That is unlike Australia, especially in primary schools, where the curriculum is 'a mile wide and an inch deep'. "Teachers must have the time to focus on the basics; especially rote learning of times tables, mental arithmetic, reciting poetry and correct punctuation and grammar. Learning the basics has to be automatic before students can be creative and master higher-order knowledge and skills." He said parents also had to take some responsibility for their children's learning. READ MORE


This survey is being funded by the Federal Government and will roll out in August. The Department of Education is keen to get the views of principals on a range of topics. The peak principal associations have been involved in consultation with the department on form, function and survey construct. Associations have nominated topics for inclusion, which will be fed into the instrument design, noting that not all proposed content noted can necessarily be included: NAPLAN (and NAPLAN Online), MySchool website, Curriculum implementation, teacher education, resourcing and supporting kids with particular needs, technology, AITSLtool take up, VET in schools, school autonomy.



National Literacy and Numeracy Week (NLNW) promotes the importance of literacy and numeracy for learning at school and beyond. NLNW 2016 will be held from 29 August to 4 September. This year Digital Literacy is being introduced as part of the week's activities.

NLNW school registrations are open on the NLNW website. There are a limited number of packs still available for schools. School packs include posters, rulers, stickers and bookmarks.

There are lots of wonderful activities for NLNW 2016.

In numeracy, students solve problems in relation to position, distance and orientation in the Which Way activity. Other activities use data analysis to explore statistics in sports and discover Who won it?

In literacy, students are encouraged to write Six Word Stories or share the love of reading in the Catch-a-Reader activity. On Friday 2 September, students can participate in Read for Australia - a simultaneous reading event, supported by an Auslan video. This year's book is My Two Blankets written by Irena Kobald and illustrated by Freya Blackwood. For more details and for more activities, see the 2016 NLNW website.

From the Ground Up: Authentic Leadership in the 21st Century (10 – 12 October 2016)

The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Principals Association (NATSIPA) and the Te Akatea Maori Principals Association have jointly collaborated to run this exciting inaugural conference. Bringing together the best of Indigenous and Maori speakers over the three days, the conference will look to the future and the role that young Indigenous people play as future leaders. Principals and school leaders from across Australia are warmly welcomed and encouraged to attend.  READ MORE




Julie King
ACSP Executive Officer


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