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National Year of Reading

Tuesday, 31 January 2012
PhotographOn February 14, schools are encouraged to celebrate the national launch day for the Year Of Reading, by inspiring children to read.

The ability to read is often taken for granted. The gift of having access to the written word is but one of life's educational miracles. But not everyone is able to share in this bounty of text.

According to campaign statistics supplied at the Love2Read website, 46% of Australians have some type of literacy struggle, finding it hard to read and keep up in a world of on-demand information.

In 2012, a coalition of state governments, youth groups and library associations across the nation will be backing the Love2Read campaign in order to boost, inspire and create more educational opportunities in helping young people learn to read.

In addition, the campaign aims to promote a stronger reading culture in every Australian home, by encouraging families and carers to share books with their children more often.

Schools and educational workplaces can celebrate the joy of reading by organising their own events via registration at the love2read website.

There is also the chance to raise money for a number of needy charities including the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, MS Readathon and Vision Australia - among others.


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